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Friday, August 14... 

Apple Finally Fixes Green Tint Issue in Latest iOS Update
Apple released its iOS 13.6.1 update to all users. While the version number would suggest that the latest refresh would be a particularly minor one, it does carry with it two very important features. First, the company's new Exposure Notification framework technology was included in the update, allowing contact tracing apps to use the cooperatively developed technology to track COVID-19 infections among users. Another fix which may come as a relief to impacted users is a correction for the "green tint" issue that arose with iOS 13.4. The problem would cause iPhone displays to take on a green cast, primarily just after the handset was unlocked, or when it was using Night Shift mode. The update notes for the patch suggest that the correction involved a "thermal management issue" which was causing the discoloration. In addition to these issues, the fix also corrects a problem with storage space measurements in iOS. The 13.6.1 update is rolling out now to all eligible devices.

Motorola Teases Probable RAZR Folding Smartphone Update
Motorola sent out a teaser to tech blogs like Engadget which promises to "flip the smartphone experience once again" next month. The vague tagline and accompanying animated gif target September 9 as the reveal date for what will likely be the company's next folding smartphone. This would align with previous rumors that Motorola was working on an updated version of its new RAZR smartphone with improved internal components. Although the RAZR refresh did earn some praise for its novel design and solid construction, many reviewers pointed to a CPU and RAM chipset that were already outdated before the device's release. As noted by Engadget, a post on XDA Developers suggests that both of those weaknesses would be addressed, with more RAM and a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 CPU, which includes 5G capabilities. It remains unclear if any other improvements will arrive with the new device on September 9.

Comcast Expands Internet Essentials Program for Back-to-School Season
Comcast introduced a new version of its Internet Essentials initiative called the Internet Essentials Partner Program. According to the cable provider, this outreach effort will "enable cities, school districts, and community-based organizations to connect large numbers of low-income students to the Internet to support distance learning." The new program includes two free months of Internet Essentials service, before the typical $9.95 per month subsidized fee kicks in. Additionally, all Internet Essentials customers will now be given access to the Comcast xFi platform, which will provide parental controls for children's Wi-Fi connected devices. Comcast notes that the expanded program has already signed up "more than 70 schools across the country" since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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