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Friday, January 24... 

Microsoft Releases First Development Software for Upcoming Surface Duo Smartphone
Microsoft released its first preview toolkit for the upcoming Surface Duo smartphone. The Android-powered, folding smartphone still has no release windows, but the Windows maker is already attempting to help developers design software that can take advantage of its dual displays. The new download includes both Java frameworks and emulation for the device's unique dual-screen design. While it is very early days for the hardware, as well as any software designed for it, this release is a necessary first step in developing apps that can run natively on the unit. Microsoft also noted that it will publish a pre-release version of its full developers kit in the "coming weeks."

Google Brings AI to Task of Collecting Users' Previous Search Results
Google debuted a new way for users to look back at their own search histories on mobile devices. The company announced a revamped Collections tab in its mobile search services which will provide grouped pages within its historical results. The company introduced Collections in 2019, but is now applying AI technology to the feature in order to automatically collated the user's previous searches into easier to use groups. The company also revealed that its AI will use the information provided by the searches located in each group to offer suggestions on what the user might want to look for next, while also providing a way to share entire collections. The new and expanded Collections feature can be found within the aforementioned tab in the Google App, or within the Google.com menu sidebar.

CenturyLink Awarded New Service Agreement by Department of Defense
CenturyLink announced that it has been awarded a major contract with the US Department of Defense via the General Services Administration's (GSA's) Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program. Under the terms of the deal, CenturyLink will provide virtual private networking (VPN), Internet, voice, and video services to more than 85 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) locations around the globe. The agreement has a base period of one year, with 12 additional one-year extensions available. This news comes on the heels of CenturyLink's recent signing of a $1.6 billion agreement with the US Department of the Interior, which was also awarded through the GSA's EIS program. No financial value for the latest signing was disclosed.

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