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Friday, March 16... 

TiVo Finds Cost is Increasingly the Primary Reason Behind Cord Cutting
TiVo published the Q4 2017 edition of its Online Video and Pay-TV Trends Report. Interestingly, the new research paper found that cost is far and away the main reason behind the current cord-cutting trend. In fact, 86.7 percent of respondents pegged it has the primary reason they decided to ditch their pay-TV plans. This represents a 6.6 percent increase in that factor since the same time last year, suggesting consumers are becoming more and more disgruntled with size of their cable and satellite TV bills. As for exactly how large those bills are, TiVo found that 49 percent of respondents pay between $50 and $100 per month, while 20 percent pay $126 or more per billing cycle. Meanwhile, the second most popular reason for dropping cable, the use of online streaming services as a primary entertainment source, fell by 8.6 percent to 39.7 percent. Other reasons for cutting the cord on TiVo's survey included a decision to use a digital antenna to receive broadcast channels instead (23 percent); a preference for binge watching over traditional viewing (15.9 percent); a lack of desire to re-subscribe after a move (13 percent); and a preference for original programming produced by one of the leading streaming video providers such as "Orange is the New Black" or "House of Cards" {7.7 percent). Additional findings can be found within the full report, linked above.

Google Officially Redubs Android Wear as Wear OS by Google
Google confirmed recent rumors that it would soon be rebranding its Android Wear mobile platform with the announcement that its wearable operating system is now named "Wear OS by Google." While the company confirmed that the new name would begin to appear on watch and phone apps within the "next few weeks," it provided essentially no information on what, if anything, this change means for the platform as a whole. However, Google did note that the decision to change the name of the wearable OS was at least partially influenced by the fact that one in three new Android Wear devices was being used in concert with an iPhone, rather than an Android handset. Google believes the new name "better reflects [its] technology, vision, and most important of all--the people who wear [its] watches.

BlackBerry Extends John Chen's Contract Through November 2023
BlackBerry announced the approval of a new contract extension with current Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. With the signing of the new document, Chen's position has been extended through November 2023. The exec has been with BlackBerry since 2013, and has been at the helm of the company through most of its transition from a smartphone maker to a purveyor of software solutions and platforms. BlackBerry noted that the new agreement is "weighted toward long-term performance-based equity and cash awards, in addition to a time-based equity award." Additional details on Chen's new terms can be found within the company's press release on the matter.

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