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Friday, May 22... 

Verizon Wireless Enables Uploads for First Time on 5G
Verizon Wireless revealed to PCMag that customers can now officially use its 5G services to upload data as well as download it. Until this change, the company's 5G network would only allow download traffic to connected mobile devices, routing any uploads over its 4G network instead. Now, consumers can enjoy increased speeds via 5G uploads. However, those speeds may not be what many were expecting, as Verizon noted that subscribers should only expect to see an increase of about 30 percent when compared to 4G uplinks. The new upload functionality will, according to PCMag, run on a 100MHz block of Verizon's mmWave 5G spectrum, a significantly larger range than the 20MHz typically reserved for uploads on the carrier's 4G network.

FCC and FTC Issue New Warnings to Telecom Gateway Providers over COVID-19 Scams
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Trace Commission (FTC) issued a trio of warnings to telecom gateway providers "allowing COVID-19 pandemic related scam robocalls into the United States." The agencies demanded that all offending parties "cut off this traffic or face serious consequences." This is the second round of crack-downs on gateway providers that allow COVID-19-related scam calls into the US, following what the FCC called a "successful push" in April consisting of similar letters to offending network providers. The companies in this round include IntelePeer, PTGi, and RSCom. All three now have 48 hours to comply before penalties are levied against them. The FCC tracked down the offending companies in collaboration with the Industry Traceback Group, a consortium of phone companies that help officials find the sources of suspect calls.

AT&T Finally Ditching Controversial "5G Evolution" Branding
AT&T told Engadget that it will finally abandon its controversial "5G Evolution" branding to comply with recommendations from the National Advertising Review Board. The industry self-regulator found that the company's "5G Evolution, the First Step to 5G" branding was misleading, not making it sufficiently clear that the service on offer was actually just a form of 4G, not a newer 5G technology. AT&T still maintains that it “respectfully disagrees” with the recommendation, but that it wished to support the "self-regulatory process." AT&T did not specify whether the 5GE icon that appeared on many customers' phones would be replaced by a more traditional 4G icon. It is worth noting that, despite several years of complaints about the branding, AT&T waited until its real 5G network had proliferated across many major markets before terminating the 5G Evolution campaign.

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