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Wednesday, April 21... 

FCC Officially Launches Robocall Mitigation Database
In its ongoing efforts to combat unwanted robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the launch of its new Robocall Mitigation Database, a tool that will allow voice service providers to fulfill their obligation of reporting their legally required robocall blocking efforts to the agency. The database consists of a portal through which voice providers are now required to file certifications on their efforts to block and track unwanted spam calls on their networks, as well as their integration of call certification technology based on the STIR/SHAKEN standard. According to the TRACED act, which made this tool possible, all voice providers covered under its guidelines must comply with the databases filing requirements by no later than September 28, 2021. After that date, other phone companies must begin refusing access to their network to any non-compliant entities.

AT&T to Install 5G+ Network at UConn's Stamford Campus
AT&T announced the signing of a new agreement with the University of Connecticut under which it will provide its 5G+ millimeter wave and Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) technology to the college's Stamford campus. The school will use the technology to support new use cases, and to expand its on-site activities, including the CTNext and StamfordNext programs. As part of the agreement, AT&T and UConn will also jointly found a new 5G lab to "support a broad array of technology tools and innovations that can help the university expand its work in entrepreneurship and data science." Additional information about the collaboration can be found within AT&T's press release.

Windstream Announces 10-Digital Dialing to Support 988 Suicide Prevention Line
Windstream announced that it will now require customers across 37 states to use 10-digit dialing when placing a phone call. The new requirement is part of the company's effort to support the FCC's launch of the 988 National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. Windstream customers in affected area codes are asked to begin dialing the full 10-digit number, regardless of whether or not it is also located in their current area code, beginning on April 24, 2021. They must begin using the full 10 digits by no later than July 24, 2021, or their calls will not be completed. Windstream joins Comcast, which also recently announced that customers of its VoIP services will be required to use 10-digit dialing. A full list of affected area codes can be found within Windstream's announcement.

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