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Wednesday, June 20...

Google Adds Messaging from Web in Latest Android Messages Update
Google officially launched its long-awaited Android Messages revamp, which brings the mobile operating system's messaging platform to the Web for the first time. Interested users can enable "Messages for web" in their updated Android Messages mobile app to access their conversations via the newly created Web-based portal. The portal can be loaded via any desktop browser, and contains all of the same ongoing conversation threads and contacts that the user's mobile app does. Messages sent via either platform will also be synced across the service to all other instances of that user's Android Messages account. While the addition of a Web app is the marquee feature of the update, it also brought several other new features, including a new .gif search bar; a revamped Smart Reply function; and the ability to preview Web links sent in conversations. The update is available now.

US Senate Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Upholding ZTE Ban
The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly (85-10) to reinstate the federal ban on exporting US-made goods to Chinese smartphone maker ZTE. The vote was held on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which would specifically prevent the Trump administration's attempt to reinstate business with the Asian company. The President had attempted to strike a deal with ZTE and Chinese President Xi Jinping that would have allowed ZTE to resume purchasing vital components from US companies like Qualcomm, in exchange for a $1 billion settlement. However, the US intelligence community has been painting ZTE and its ties to Chinese intelligence as a national security threat for several years. This fact resulted in numerous complaints from federal lawmakers, and questions about why Trump would want to aid such a foreign entity. Despite the seemingly valid concerns of the US Senate, Engadget reports that the White House has already vowed to squash the aforementioned bill before it becomes a law and jeopardizes Trump's bailout deal. However, there is some chance of a successful continuation of the ban, as the President is scheduled to meet with a group of concerned Republican lawmakers to discuss the matter in the coming days.

Sprint Joins with NXM Labs to Offer New In-Car Connectivity Solution
Sprint announced the formation of a new partnership with NXM Labs to jointly launch a "5G-Ready Connected Car Platform." According to the duo, the offering will combine "high-speed, on-demand passenger Wi-Fi with advanced vehicle health monitoring and safety." The pair claims the technology behind this platform will be operated by the first "blockchain powered Internet-of-Things (IoT) security system that guards against hackers." Sprint will be providing access to its 4G LTE network and forthcoming 5G network (projected to launch in late 2019) in order to power the cellular connectivity needed for NXM's in-car router. The companies plan to offer broadband connectivity via the platform on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. An initial launch of the joint connectivity solution is expected to take place this fall at auto dealers across the country.

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