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Friday, July 21...

T-Mobile Shows Growing Revenue, Doubled Profits on Continuing Subscriber Growth in Q2
T-Mobile posted its financial results for the second quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. For the period, the company's revenue was $10.21 billion, up notably from the $9.28 billion posted for the same quarter in 2016. Net income was up much more steeply at $581 million, more than doubling the $225 million posted on year ago. This resulted in earnings per share of $0.67, compared to the year-ago quarter's $0.25 EPS. During the quarter, the carrier also continued its streak of adding more than 1 million new subscribers, with 1.33 million net customer additions coming during the three-month period. Of this figure, 786,000 were branded postpaid phone customers, typically the highest ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) type of account maintained by the carrier. Despite the growth, T-Mobile actually ended Q2 with 69.56 million subscribers, a slight decline from the 72.59 million seen at the end of this year's first quarter, due primarily to losses in prepaid and wholesale accounts.

Google Rolling Out Play Store Protect to Secure Android App Installations
Google has officially released its new Play Protect security service for all devices running Android Services 11 or newer. The new security measure is designed to protect Android devices from malicious apps and their attempts to breach consumer privacy and device security. It does this by regularly scanning the user's device for suspicious apps or activity which may indicate nefarious intent on the part of any third-party software. A main component of the new protection, which is rolling out now, will be a new Card in the play store which will summarize the user's scan results. For most, this will simply serve as a reminder that Play Protect is working to secure their devices. However, for users with a new or active threat, this notification card will serve as the primary source for information on discovered threats and the actions which should be taken to counteract them. Users will also receive a "Verified by Google Play Protect" message when installing new apps from Google Play. It should be noted that this safeguard is not foolproof, and can still theoretically be circumvented by apps installed from third-party app stores.

Alarming OnePlus 5 911 Bug Already Receiving a Fix
A fix is apparently now rolling out for an alarming bug that was made public in recent days which was causing OnePlus 5 smartphone to reboot whenever a user attempted to call 911. The flaw in the popular smartphone surfaced on r/OnePlus, a Reddit community dedicated to the well-known smartphone maker. In the original post, a user related a situation in which two sequential attempts to dial 911 to report a nearby building fire resulted in the device rebooting itself rather than completing the call. Obviously, the severity of the bug and the impact it could have on user safety alarmed many OnePlus owners and members of the press, once the story began to spread. Thankfully, OnePlus quickly made contact with the original poster, and was able to discern the root cause by reviewing the logs produced during the reboots. A fix was subsequently sent to the user, and was found to have corrected the potentially disastrous bug. Now that it has been confirmed to work, OnePlus has begun rolling the change out to all owners of its flagship OnePlus 5 smartphone. A spokesman from OnePlus told Engadget "We have begun rolling out the software update. Timing may vary by region. We encourage OnePlus 5 users to download the update. If users haven't received a notification, check for the update by going to 'Settings' > 'System Updates'." It remains unknown if the bug in question affected all OnePlus 5 units, or only a small portion of them.

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