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Friday, June 18... 

FCC Announces Plans for Institutional Robocall Reporting Portal
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a new rule which will establish "a formal system by which private entities like hospitals or other institutions can provide information about suspected robocall or spoofing campaigns directly to the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau." The goal of the specialized reporting channel is to provide a way for vital public safety and health entities to quickly and effectively report "concerning incidents, including floods of robocalls like those that have been known to clog up hospital phone lines." The new reporting portal is being made possible by the Pallone-Thune Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act (TRACED Act), and will collect information on phone numbers, call content, and more. The FCC plans to then leverage the provided data to "pursue investigations, work with partners like the Traceback Consortium to seek to cut off a robocall campaign, work with other federal and/or state partners, and/or work with the consumer affairs team to provide consumer protection support." No specific date was announced for when this new portal may be available.

T-Mobile Expands First Responder Support with New Services, Devices
T-Mobile announced an expansion of its Connecting Heroes program, a "10-year commitment to provide free service and 5G access to first responder agencies--all public and non-profit state and local fire, 911, police and EMS departments--saving them up to $7 billion." Among the changes included in this expansion are support for preemption of consumer services to allow faster and more reliable network access for first responders through the company's Wireless Priority Services (WPS) program; a new series of ruggedized hotspots and smartphones designed to survive in the harsh environments often faced by first responders; and an expansion of the discounts and free services the company offers to first responder customers. The carrier claims that these measures, combined with its " multi-year network hardening plan," make its network read for all types of emergencies and natural disasters. Additional information on these changes and T-Mobile's other efforts to support first responders can be found within its press release.

DISH Network Teams with Dell Technologies to Power its 5G Network
DISH Network announced a new partnership with Dell Technologies to support the launch of what it is calling the " first cloud-native, Open RAN-based 5G network" in the US. Under the terms of the deal, Dell will provide the fledgling network with "infrastructure foundation, powering devices, software and solutions to help customers tap into the connectivity and business opportunities made possible by the combination of 5G and edge computing." DISH expects the provided hardware and services to eventually power 5G and edge use cases in industries such as healthcare, education, government, retail, manufacturing, banking and others. Specific deployment plans and joint development efforts are covered in more detail with the companies' press release.

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